Corridor Advisory Committees (CACs)

The current Corridor Advisory Committees are as follows:

Meeting materials, written meeting summaries, and videotape recordings are available the respective CAC webpages.

Background and Purpose

The Corridor Advisory Committees (CACs) play an important role in the public involvement process for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor studies and implementation in Montgomery County. In adopting the Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan, which outlines plans to implement BRT along ten different corridors, the Montgomery County Council called for the establishment of CACs by noting:

  • “A vital facet of facility planning is to receive input and feedback from affected property owners, civic and business groups, and transit riders and road users, including public forums and workshops, electronic newsletters, and other forms of outreach… Accordingly, a citizens’ advisory group comprised of residents, business owners, and other relevant stakeholders must be created for each corridor which enters into facility planning to make recommendations to the County on the design, construction and proposed station locations for the transit corridor.”

The CACs’ purpose is to: allow participants to discuss and provide input related to project planning, design, construction, and station locations; enhance transparency and community involvement; provide a venue for interaction and information-sharing among those directly impacted; inform the study of community impacts to encourage community-sensitive implementation and minimize negative impacts; serve as a clearinghouse for sharing timely and accurate information; and provide leadership and build consensus in the community to coalesce diverse interests.

CACs were established for select BRT corridors in 2015. The public is welcome to attend and observe the committee discussions. Refer to the Corridor Advisory Committee Procedures for additional information.

glossary of BRT terms has been produced for reference.

For more information:
Darcy Buckley
Montgomery County Department of Transportation
240-777-7166 or

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