MCDOT has announced that the winning name for the BRT system is “Flash”. MCDOT’s two-month contest provided residents the opportunity to choose from three suggested names or propose their own, and “Flash” received the most votes. Anyone who participated in the naming contest was eligible to be randomly selected for a gift card or other small prizes, as well as the “grand prize.” The contest ran from November 18, 2016 through January 20, 2017. The winner of the grand prize, an iPad, grew up in Burtonsville and teaches science at a Montgomery County Public School.

MCDOT plans to continue its community outreach and public involvement efforts to help educate residents about the benefits of this new transportation option and encourage community involvement in the process of developing the BRT system.

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RELIABLE Frequent service, dedicated lanes, and green light priority signaling keep FLASH vehicles moving.

EFFICIENT One FLASH vehicle can take up to 90 cars off the road, making our transportation network more efficient and your commute easier.

CLEAN FLASH reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions, making our air cleaner.

COMFORTABLE New FLASH stations will feature real-time travel info and provide a place for you to wait comfortably and pay your fare before boarding.

COST-EFFECTIVE You can save money by riding FLASH instead of driving a car.